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Vertex stempel Replica – 65 SX 2009-2024

479,00 kr.

Cast OE replacement piston Replica – Cast piston developed with Vertex technology and race shape profile All pistons are heat treated with a T-5 hardening and tempering cycle All piston skirts are coated with a high-tech Molybdenum Disulphite coating for faster break-in time and increased piston life Cast piston kits are gravity cast aluminum alloy (not forged) with 18% silicone content, which produces an extremely light but very strong piston Replacement two-stroke piston rings sold individually; four stroke piston rings sold as a set

Varenummer (SKU): pe-23430 Kategori: Brand:
  • Brand: VERTEX
  • Vendor part number: 23430AB
  • Compression Ratio: Standard
  • Compression Ratio Imperial: Standard
  • Cylinder Diameter: 45,00 mm
  • Cylinder Diameter Metric: 45.00 mm
  • Displacement: 65 cc
  • Engine Type: 2-Stroke
  • Piston Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Product Name: Piston Kit
  • Skirt Coating: Molybdenum Disulphite
  • Style: Cast Replica
  • Units: Kit
GASGASMC 652021-2024
HusqvarnaTC 652017-2024
KTM65 SX2001-2024
KTMXC 652009-2010

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