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Twin Air luftfilter – SX-F 125/525 07

139,00 kr.

Dual-bonded foam design filters out even the smallest dirt particles, while allowing more airflow than two separate layer filters (flow bench proven) Twin Air filters are slightly smaller than stock to make them easier to change and to increase dead air space around the filter for better performance Flat foam sealing ring securely seats against the airbox, even in the worst riding conditions

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Varenummer (SKU): pe-154113 Kategori: Brand:
  • Brand: TWIN AIR
  • Vendor part number: 154113
  • Base Color: Off-White
  • Color/Finish: Orange, Off-White
  • Features: Washable
  • Filter Media Material: Foam
  • Filter Media Style: Dual-Layer
  • Filter Shape: Round
  • Product Name: Air Filter
  • Type: Standard
  • Units: Each
KTM125 SX2007-2009
KTM144 SX2007-2008
KTM150 SX2009-2009
KTM250 SX2007-2009
KTM250 SX-F2007-2009
KTM450 SX ATV2008-2009
KTM450 SX-F2007-2009
KTM450 SX-F RACING2007-2009
KTM505 SX ATV2009-2009
KTMEXC 1252008-2009
KTMEXC 4502009-2009
KTMEXC 5302008-2009
KTMEXC-R 4502008-2008
KTMSMR 4502008-2009
KTMXC 2002008-2009
KTMXC 2502008-2009
KTMXC 3002008-2009
KTMXC 450 ATV2008-2009
KTMXC 525 ATV2008-2009
KTMXC-F 2502008-2009
KTMXC-F 4502008-2009
KTMXC-F 5052008-2008
KTMXC-W 2002008-2009
KTMXC-W 3002008-2009
KTMXC-W 4002009-2009
KTMXC-W 5302009-2009
KTMXCF-W 2502008-2009

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