Scar Titanium Footpegs - Ktm/Husqvarna/GasGas

erospace-grade titanium Grade 5 Ti-6AL-4V and strong welding
The body of the footpegs is 60mm wide
10mm wider than OEM
Ultra light-weight at approx 350g per pair
Premium quality and high performance
Each set is hand fabricated
27 teeth for extra strength and extra grip

1.849,00 DKK

GASGASEC 2502021-2022
GASGASEC 250F2021-2022
GASGASEC 3002021-2022
GASGASEC 350F2021-2022
GASGASMC 1252021-2022
GASGASMC 1252021-2023
GASGASMC 2502022-2022
GASGASMC 250F2021-2022
GASGASMC 350F2022-2022
GASGASMC 450F2021-2022
GASGASMC 852021-2022
HusqvarnaFE 2502017-2022
HusqvarnaFE 3502017-2022
HusqvarnaFE 4502017-2022
HusqvarnaFE 5012017-2022
HusqvarnaFS 4502017-2022
HusqvarnaTC 1252016-2022
HusqvarnaTC 2502017-2022
HusqvarnaTC 852018-2022
HusqvarnaTE 150I2020-2022
HusqvarnaTE 2502017-2019
HusqvarnaTE 250I2018-2022
HusqvarnaTE 3002017-2019
HusqvarnaTE 300I2018-2022
HusqvarnaTX 1252017-2020
KTM125 SX2016-2022
KTM150 EXC TPI2020-2022
KTM150 EXC TPI2020-2023
KTM150 SX2016-2022
KTM250 EXC2017-2019
KTM250 EXC TPI2018-2022
KTM250 EXC TPI2018-2023
KTM250 EXC-F2017-2022
KTM250 EXC-F2017-2023
KTM250 SX2017-2022
KTM250 SX-F2016-2022
KTM300 EXC2017-2019
KTM300 EXC TPI2018-2022
KTM300 EXC TPI2018-2023
KTM350 EXC-F2017-2022
KTM350 EXC-F2017-2023
KTM350 SX-F2016-2022
KTM450 EXC-F2017-2022
KTM450 EXC-F2017-2023
KTM450 SX-F2016-2022
KTM500 EXC-F2017-2022
KTM500 EXC-F2017-2023
KTM85 SX2018-2022

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