Moto-Master Flame Brakedisc front KTM SX50

Next to the premium quality steel alloy which is used to give Moto-Master brake discs unsurpassed friction characteristics and durability, much of the superior performance of a Moto-Master Flame discs lies embedded within its unique design. The Flame Discs are proven winners in USA Supercross & Motocross, Motocross GP´s, Dakar Rally and IDM Superbike. The Moto-Master Flame rotor is used by Tony Cairoli, Jeffrey Herlings, Marvin Musquin, Ryan Dungey, Cody Webb, Gautier Paulin, Taddy Blazusiak and many more riders.

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GASGASMC 502021-2021
GASGASMC 502021-2022
GASGASMC-E 52021-2021
HusqvarnaEE 52019-2021
HusqvarnaTC 502017-2022
KTM5 SX-E2019-2021
KTM50 SX2002-2022
KTM50 SX2014-2022
KTM50 SX MINI2002-2022
KTM50 SX MINI2014-2022

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