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Moose Racing shock seal head 16X44 – Kawasaki KX

459,00 kr.

Complete assemblies, ready to install into the shock body Made from 6061-T6 aluminum and the same custom elastomer as our fork seals All have air bleed holes to help remove air from the oil reservoir during installation Double-lip oil seal designed to keep out dirt and keeps friction low Some models have updated designs for easier installation Includes aluminum body, dust seal, bushing, oil seal, O-ring, internal guide bushing/washer, snap ring and top out bumper Made in the U.S.A.

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Varenummer (SKU): pe-37-1003 Kategori: Brand:
  • Vendor part number: 37-1003
  • Color/Finish: Black, Red, Chrome
  • Inside Diameter: 16,00 mm (0,63")
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Mounting Position: Rear
  • Outside Diameter: 44,00 mm (1,73")
  • Product Name: Seal Kit
  • Type: Shock
  • Units: Kit
KawasakiKX 125 F1988-1988
KawasakiKX 125 G1989-1989
KawasakiKX 125 H1990-1991
KawasakiKX 125 J1992-1992
KawasakiKX 2501988-1992
KawasakiKX 500 D1988-1988
KawasakiKX 500 E1989-1993

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