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Maxima Clean Up – 507 mL chain cleaner

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Professional strength, emulsion type cleaner specifically designed to remove lube, dirt, sand, mud and other contaminants. Unique and proprietary formulation is designed to thoroughly clean O, X and Z-ring chains without harming rubber o-rings or metal surfaces. Spray-on, easy to rinse cleaner won’t harm the finish on gold chains, standard chains, aluminum or steel.

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Spray on entire chain and allow to sit for 1-3 minutes. Rinse off with clean water. If stubborn grime remains use a soft bristled brush to remove. CAUTION: Avoid getting CLEAN UP on paint, plastic, lexan, and anodized aluminum.

– Formulated specifically to clean O, X and Z-ring chains.
– Industrial strength cleaners remove lube, dirt, sand, mud and other contaminants.
– Easy spray-on and rinse-off application.
– Safe on aluminum and other metals.
– 50 state VOC compliant.

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