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Maxima bagdæmperolie 10wt 1l

189,00 kr.

Mineral-based shock fluid with a shear-stable, high-viscosity index maintains film strength, reduces wear and keep a low pour point Designed for steel or aluminum bodied suspension and shock components Advanced additive system reduces overall friction and decreases stiction Maintains optimal damping performance by minimizing foaming and air entrainment Keeps internals clean while eliminating corrosion and conditions seals

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Varenummer (SKU): pe-58901H Kategori: Brand:
  • Vendor part number: 58901H
  • Application: Shock
  • Container Size: 946 ml (1 U.S. quart)
  • Oil Base: Conventional (Mineral)
  • Packaging: 12 per Case, Sold Each
  • Product Name: Oil/Fluid
  • Type: Suspension
  • Units: Each
  • Viscosity (Weight): 10W

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