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GOLDFREN Brake Pads 108 Ceramic Carbon AD

139,00 kr.

The AD series is optimal for Off-road and Trail bikes
Its recommended for riders that do not ride really hard, but want good stopping power if they need it. The wearing rate of this compound is 20% lower than other known sintered brake pads in the same category.
The AD compound provides low abrasive interaction with the brake rotor and a much quieter braking due to the composite material.
Friction materials contain metal-ceramic and typical iron and finer additives are added to the base of the iron compound to achieve optimal friction properties.

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Varenummer (SKU): dl-46-12-108 Kategori: Brand:
KawasakiKX 1001997-2019
KawasakiKX 801997-2000
KawasakiKX 852001-2023

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