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GET RX1 PRO Yamaha YZ450F 23-…

4.699,00 kr.

RX1 Pro can be mounted quickly and easily directly onto the bikes main wiring without having to modify the electrical system, as it simply replaces the original ECU. It can quickly process input data coming from the CPS (Cam Position Sensor), TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor), IAT (Intake Air Temperature sensor) and ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature sensor) and adjust the ignition and carburetion accordingly in all weather conditions and at any altitude. GET RX1 PRO is designed to fully exploit everything your bike has to offer, ensuring better power delivery and timing at any engine speed. All of which translates into smoother riding, more immediate ignition and, above all, greater speed on track. The ECU is complete with two pre-installed Racing mappings with which to get the very best out of every standard engine, also with a Racing exhaust. For each of these mappings, the GPA (Traction Control) technology can be adjusted according to ten different intervention levels. Every calibration has been carefully developed for each specific application. The results are approved after intense testing on both the test bench and racetrack by GET engineers, together with the best teams in the MXGP and AMA championships. With RX1 Pro, even less expert users can easily customize the main mapping parameters like carburetion and ignition times in total safety using the app with GET WIFI-COM, an accessory included in the pack. RX1 Pro is also compatible with data acquisition systems like GET SL1 via CAN-BUS, allowing the most demanding technicians to export and process information while developing and preparing the bike. Custom builders who need to work on tuned engines can customize every detail of the mapping using the Maya programming software (sold separately). Maya allows the user to customize injection and ignition times, modify the rev limiter, set the electronic gearing cut-off times and make use of many more professional functions.

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  • Brand: GET
  • Vendor part number: GKRX1PRO0093
  • Base Color: Green
  • Color/Finish: Green
  • Product Name: Electronic Control Unit
  • Units: Kit

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